What's a better color for a Balanciaga : ink or light grey or truffles?

  1. Hi ,

    I have posted this earlier today in the handbagforum:


    I now more lean towards a city but am not totally decided yet.
    I checked with my local store and she has light gray as well as truffles and to my great surprise ink city in the shop she was even ok to put it on layaway for me until early november.

    So what should I do ?
    I have a fair amount of brownish purses but the color looks wonderful in some pictures, gray is really beautiful as well and will match a tun of things and then there is ink which is just such a stunning color even if I wonder if it matches a lot of things...?

    Oh can you help input and pics are more than welcome. I have the impression I need to hurry!
  2. I would go for the Ink; it's very versatile and it's rare that you would find it in the store. I would take it for a sign and go with it! It definitely matches things since it is so dark, but such an interesting color too!
  3. INK!:yahoo:
  4. I'm not a fan of ink (aack, I'm going to head to Bbag hell!) since the blue looks a little too funny to me - probably b/c I wear so much black and it reminds me of the black clothes and navy shoes mixed together.

    Of your choices, I LOVE the Truffle!!
  5. I say INK since you own a few brown bags already. The color is really interesting & I know a lot of people are looking for one too. I'd definately grab it if I happen to chance upon one.;)
  6. All 3 of so pretty, but I am an INK fan since day one. I stopped buying Chloe and sold it all because I got tired of all the drab and dreary colors and same old styles. (and I decided that the locks are a bit too juvenile for me, IMHO). B bags are amazing with the colors! Love, love, love the Ink. And Blues are totally in for Fall. My Blueberry City arrived today (it came an hour ago, my daughter called!) and I cant wait to speed all the way home and open the box! woohoo!
  7. Go for the city in greige, I just ordered one myself. Forget Chloe they are so heavy and with the silly hugh lock, not practical
  8. I would LOVE the city in ink!! I was briefly enamoured with Chloe, so I understand. I love the feel and the smell of the leather, but the bags are just so heavy!! I think with the balenciaga you get the best of both worlds! You get great smelling and feeling leather with some character and you get some incredible colors. I think the color you choose would depend on your coloring and your wardrobe.