Whats a better anniversary gift...an LV bag or an original painting?

  1. Say you had a choice of two gifts, both $3000.00...

    Would you choose an LV L'Epanoui GM or a beautiful original oil painting? (You've never heard of the artist but you fell in love with the painting...There's a huge buzz about this artist and the painting will likely be worth much more later.)
  2. Painting!
  3. I'd say the painting...you can always get the LV later on!
  4. Painting ! :wlae:
  5. Painting
  6. Maybe it's because I already have an art collection, but I'd go for the bag.
  7. Painting!
  8. Probably the painting if I know that the painting will increase in value. Because eventually I would sell it and buy 2 or 3 LVs.
  9. Painting!
  10. I surprise myself for saying this, but I would go with a painting
  11. :lol:
  12. Painting! It would gain value over the years. Remember Picasso's paintings were not worth much until years after his death. Now they are considered priceless!

    Sell the painting once it is worth enough to buy stock in LVMH!
  13. I will go with painting as much as I really want LV L'Epanoui GM
  14. Definitely the painting. It will go up in value and you can always get a LV. If you love it, go for it.
  15. I would go for the bag.