What's a 3.5 and 4 ct diamond cost

  1. I was wondering what a 3.5 and 4 ct diamond would cost?
    ideal cut, color g-h, clarity si1-2

    I'm not a huge jewlery lover but when shopping for diamonds I'm always torn becuase I want a diamond that looks good to the naked eye and under all lights. I can't always tell the difference between vs and si and sometimes even an I (if the inclusion is white) until under a microscope. Who goes around with a microscope and looks at others diamonds? I was once told that the cut is one of the most important factors in a diamond becuase it can hide inclusions. What do you all think??
  2. I know people who own larger round diamonds in a good color and cut and SI or I clarity, they look beautiful, you're right it depends on the type of inclusions and cut but you need to look at many diamonds to get the right one and I would probably stay away from I's regardless.....I know a friend had gotten just shy of 3 carat for like $30,000 (think it was an E or F SI2) but I've never priced out larger than that.......
  3. a 2ct diamond of D or E with a VVS1 would be probably over $25,000. I am sure a 3-4 Carat would be in upwards of $70,000-100,000 depending on the quality. That being said, you can get a crappy quality diamond that is dull and lackluster with alot of flaws for considerably less.
  4. You can go to bluenile.com to guestimate.
  5. You can definitely get one for under $50K.

    Costco 3.52 VVS2 Clarity, H Color=

    When we were shopping for my diamond, we looked at a number of options and I would say Costco had better prices than the average diamond merchant. Although ultimately we did not purchase from them, I would still recommend it as an option.

    You can call them at 425-427-7215 to see what they have in inventory. Surprisingly, they carry many extraordinary pieces.

    Costco 8.12 ctw Round Brilliant Diamond Ring $419,999.99=

    :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

    If you do end up purchase from them, don't forget to apply for the executive membership card which gives you 2% cash back and also have them ship it out of state to avoid sales tax.
  6. But H is kind of :sad: isnt it?

  7. It's in the range that LVL is considering.
  8. I don't plan on buying a ring that size anytime soon, I was just trying to get an idea. This is just my personal opinion but people seem to get all hung up on the "stats" of the diamond when in reality it matters what it looks like and how much sparkle and "curb appeal" it has. An H color is not a bad color, however it may or may not look right on a 3.5 to 4 ct diamond. I'm not sure as I have not looked into buying a diamond of this size. I don't get hung up on the stats as like I pointed out earlier who is gonna come up to you with a microscope and look at your diamond? All that matters is how it looks.
  9. My mom just got one in 2.60 carat in f color vvs1 in clarity for 35000.00 It was to die for
  10. I personally have a 1.5 colorless and near flawless and I wouldnt trade it for a larger of lesser quality. The brilliance is just beyond description. I have friends who have larger but no luster. I am thrilled with mine. Size isnt everything, well....in most circumstances :graucho:
  11. I'm not sure you could find an ideal cut stone that was that low on the clarity scale. Usually the best stat stones are polished & cut for ideals.
    Ideals are going to run more than a large size stone with great stats.
    Tiffany uses stones that run in color to I.
    No one will be viewing your stone with a loop but its the "ideal" cut stone that is going to give you the most bling. That's what you are paying for. And this stone will hold value or appreciate. Not important to everyone, very important to some.
    I have to laugh when I read the assumption that big stone means less quality. I know no one that would wear such a stone, cause it is so obvious what they are trying to pull. That's the friends I choose.
  12. That costco stone isn't an ideal cut stone.
    But if I was in my 20's & looking at all the expenses life is going to throw at me, I'd be pretty happy with that.
    30 years ago some jewelers were cheating buyers on the stone colors by putting the stone in with a stypic pencil to change a "J" stone to a "D." It would create an invisible film on the stone which made it look whiter.
    "Cut" is the most important. Then clarity, then color.
  13. Here is an I color ( a grade under the H ) 3.17 ct Hearts on Fire brand

    I've never been ashamed of wearing it:graucho:
    1hof.JPG 1hof3.JPG 1hofps.JPG
  14. ^^^ beautiful ring...love it.