What're in the boxes again???

  1. Not sure if you have read my first-ever post "What's in the box? Please come and see......" in this lovely Hermes forum. Sincerely wish you all enjoy it.

    Just cleaned up my drawer today and found 3 boxes below. These 3 Hermes boxes make me write a new topic here. And the topic is related to HERMES BOX again!

    Do you know what are inside these boxes? Let's guess, though I think many Hermes lovers here may know it already as you guys may have them as well. :graucho:
  2. Maybe one can be cards!!!
  3. I have absolutely no idea, I am a Hermes noob. Wild guesses, Poker cards? Cuff links? G-strings?
  4. Hey tammywks: the green box contains SOAP! When my fiancée worked in Hong Kong he stayed at the Mandarin for 2 months. All the goodies were from Hermes and he was so sweet to collect all of them for me ;)
  5. What's in the first box:

    It is the first Hermes item that I have. My dad gave this eau de cologne soap 150g to me when I was a child. I know Hermes because of this soap.

  6. Bingo!

    Yes, your fiancée is so sweet to you! :tup:
  7. that's so sweet:smile:
  8. Thats so sweet. Little did he know, that he was the start of your H addiction!!! LOL
  9. and the other boxes? cards?
  10. Dear raz96, Lyanna Stark and hkloosterman,

    You all got it! The following box contains poker cards made by Hermes in December 2006. Actually, it's a souvenir for Christmas.

    H monogram is printed on the cards.

    Some Hermes ideas for the holiday season are shown on the card faces. One of them is Kelly Mini Pochette in lizard.
  11. Love the cards with the pictures in them!
  12. So what's in the last box?

    The answer is a set of 28 DOMINOES for 2-4 players!!! It's a souvenir from Hermes in December 2005, a Christmas gift too.

    Though I have no idea about playing dominoes as I haven't played this game before, there is a demonstration inside telling me how to play this game.


    Thanks for watching. :smile:
  13. Wow!! Tammy, the cards are gorgeous, and the dominos. We , as a family, are big fans of these sort of games. We love to play them!!!
    Its great for the kids to take a break for their video games and join us. i would seriously love both sets!!:heart:
  14. yeah here too, our kids love to play with cards, not that they really understand the game but they pretend, and the domino's they can be busy for that forever, I would love a H one:smile:
  15. Somrthing else to add to my H list, thanks for the pics:heart: