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  1. to the Hermes subforum I once knew?

    It's 12 midnight here and I had just returned from a wonderful dinner with the SG girls. I always have such a good time with them and I was thinking on the way home, that I love :heart: every single one of them. And I am so confident that things are just going to get better.

    I'm relatively new on this forum and I remember that things were really fun when I first joined, the threads were mostly funny and everyone seemed to have one another's backs about fake bags, bad resellers...... Unless of course, there were underlying things that I just didn't see (the SG girls know that I'm dense as far as these things are concerned:p).

    Lately however, I feel that things are somewhat different.... I sense that aggressiveness and I know there are *fights* going on.....

    Contrary to what the SG girls are enjoying, the Hermes subforum seems to be falling apart :sad:.

    Is it me or are the really nice "veterans" (you know who you are) sensing this and thus are just not interested in posting here anymore? Too much conflict? Too much underlying issues?

    Maybe I'm overly sensitive. I don't know. Just a thought.
  2. Tricia, I haven't been active here in a long time. :wondering Maybe the so-called regulars just get tired and bored and move on, etc. but check in every now and then for new info. Those that stay on for a certain amount of time are probably still very passionate, on the hunt, etc. Personally, I've just reached a saturation point w/ Hermes and would like a change of pace. My love for the brand hasn't diminished, though. It's just nice to get excited about other things. You're not sensitive. I sort of felt the same way after a few months of active posting. But things always change, including this subforum! :smile:
  3. I couldn't have put it better myself!!!!
  4. I am not really a veterian...but I think everyone is really nice and calm here and very excited.

    I left another forum and came here and I love it. everyone is supportive, excited and nice.....and when there are flare ups...usually involving trolls...they are banned quickly and we all have a nice laugh!
  5. I think all forums change, people come and go, issues occur and die down. That is just how forums work. If there are underlying problems, hopefully they will resolve also.

    I am going to close this thread for now though, and will consider opening it up again later :yes:
Thread Status:
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