Whatever happened to the Novak?

  1. I remember the hype last year when McQueen's first handbag was launched. Now, there's barely a squeak. Where did it all go wrong?
  2. As far as I know they are still going strong - Libertys and Selfridges both have the new seasons bags and I just saw a photo of Gwen Stefani with hers. There is a really gorgeous red one in Liberty at the moment. I did consider buying one in the summer sales but decided not too as I think they would be impractical for me - you can't carry them on the shoulder and they seem very difficult to get in and out of plus they scratch very easily around the area of the barrel clasp, even the ones on display were scratched.
  3. They still make them. The bags are very delicate however. I saw some new ones at my Nordy's in San Diego. They have versions where the "body" of the bag is some sort of crocheted knit and the "skeleton" of the bag is leather. They're kinda odd--a bit too avant garde I think for me.

    There is also this beautiful version that has patent, quilted leather (zig-zag) patern in the body and regular leather for the skeleton. It came in black and red. But the price was a bit to swallow--$2100!

    I also saw the little clutch that comes with a long across-the-body strap VERY cute. but pricey--$1125!
  4. I was very tempted by the photos, and almost bought one from NAP. But then I saw a couple of them IRL at NM. They were the smaller (shorter) version, and while the shape was still gorgeous, they were quite scratched up. Knowing how anal I am about my bags, I knew the scratches would drive me nuts, and I decided to pass on them.

    I just recently saw the larger (regular) sized version, and fell in lust all over again. But I prolly won't end up getting one. I think I've moved on in my heart :P.
  5. I still hear people talking about them....
  6. i still love mine. i have it in black but for me it's a fall winter bag so i won't be taking it out till september. black novak will be back!
  7. I have a red large one, I love it and use it a lot. It's gotten a few scratches but they're not huge or really noticeable so .... Also, about getting in and out of it, I never zip it, just use the clasp, that way I can squeese my hand in and out of it for wallet, keys etc.
  8. I still think the Novak is a desireable bag. I've still got my eye on it. I love Fayden's black one. I've been also looking at the red one.

  9. I love some of the new Novaks, I haven't seen them for sale yet. I think the scratching is a big problem but the bag itself is a great design IMO.
  10. i love the Novak, maybe even more because it's not mass diffused!
  11. well mine hasn't had any scratches that are that bad. just light surface marks. doesn't bother me. but if i had a keep scratch that might, i'll see how it wears after the next few months.
  12. I purchased the clutch...love it!
    McQueen Novak Clutch 005.jpg
  13. They just started selling the Novak bag at my local NM (Tyson's Galleria). They only had two of them when I last checked...they were kind of tucked away.
  14. Ooh that's pretty :love:

    Glad the Novak is enjoying a quiet but faithful following. May have to add it to my list :smile: