whatever happened to the *green* Smithfield bag?

  1. Way back in April, I posted these pics on tPF from the May issue of Vogue. Now Mulberry.com has the fall collection available online, but there are NO green Smithfield bags. What gives??? Are they sold out already? Or not in stock yet? Anybody in the UK have any expert advice? TIA


  2. I am in love with the green Smithfield. I was hoping to get one for Christmas, but I too checked out the website a couple days ago and was disappointed not to see it there. I thought I might have to go to the Mulberry Shop to see/buy it. We'll see:confused1:.
  3. i saw the green at Nordstrom last month.
  4. I wish that my local Nordstrom (Providence) had a better handbag department. They are so limited in what they carry, they devote a very small area to handbags, and most are Coach, Dooney and Juicy. They have a few Botkier, handful of Lamb and Longchamp, saw a Kooba once, but no Mulberry.
  5. which Nordstrom?
  6. They don't usually have the full range on the website. You will probably find one in a shop. Keep looking and good luck. :smile:
  7. I have seen it in the store in the UK. It is so lush - hope you find one:smile:
  8. That's a beautiful bag--what a great shade of green! Definitely a stunner!
  9. Large green Smithfield is certainly the best of the current rather dull Mulberry offering. They seem to be as rare as hen's teeth.
  10. They have it in green at the factory shop in Shepton Mallet. Also had it in red and the Mabel in red.
  11. I just bought this bag in green at the Mulberry sample sale. They also had it in red. I got it for $799. I wasn't going to get it since I had so many other bags but the person who heads up the US stores told me I would be crazy not to buy it. The sample sale is still going on so they may replenish and get a few more in. Also the women who had the red bags were on the fence, as I was , about paying $799
  12. I just saw the green ones at Nordstrom in San Francisco. The larger one was going for $1295 and the smaller one $995. Beautiful bags, somehow the shade of green seemed slightly (only a very little bit) more teal in person though...could have been the lighting. I'm glad to see that they have more Mulberry bags out on display again because there were very few a couple of months ago.
  13. What a great deal! Lucky you! Would love to see some photos of your new bag! :smile: