Whatever happened to that shopaholic mystery purse auction - what bag did they get?

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  1. Not a good sign when 2 weeks have gone by and no feedback posted by neither buyer nor seller.
  2. :yes: thats exactly what I thought......

    On one of the previous threads, someone found a velvet chanel monstrosity she had previous tried to sell with no luck.... and lots of people thought it might be that in the box...... if the buyer is not happy though, I dont think there's much they could do as the seller has been upfront in their listing - the buyer was technically buying the box...
  3. LOL, I was wondering the same thing???:shrugs: I kept checking to see if there is any feedback, but nothing...
  4. I don't get it... what's the deal with all the "add on" gifts? It's like either the seller is dizzy and REALLY generous, or all these "fabulous" gifts are all hideous and she needs an excuse to get rid of them.

    That said, I want to know what was included! LOL ;)
  5. lol danicky me too!! maybe it was one of the "mutually withdrawn" feedbacks?
  6. Uhhhh could it be the buyer was probably 'so pissed' she didn't leave a feedback? Whatever it is, I wanna see what's inside the box too!! LOL
  7. I might email the seller and ask what was inside the box - she prob wont tell me but you never know!
  8. I really wish we could find out.
  9. Wow! I didn't know the mystery box sold for that much!! That's as bad as the White patent abused bag that sold for $500. I'm sure that one will pop up on eBay again!

    I emailed her to find out what all was in the box. Let's see if she responds.

  10. LOL, I can't wait to see if she responds.
  11. That's exactly what I thought too!
    Can't wait to see what was inside there.
  12. so curious now
  13. still no updated?

    hmmmmmmmmmm...... doesnt sound good.....

  14. Did the seller respond to your email? :graucho: