Whatever happened to Extra Juicy?

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  1. One of my best friends loves the juicy track suits but she says the xl fitted too sung the last time she tried one on.I wanted to buy a jacket for
    her birthday but havent seen any Extra Juicy sizes online and ebay has very limited varieties.Anyone know where I could by these extended sizes? I would perfer In store but it doesnt really matter.

    Thanks so much :biggrin:
  2. i have bought plus size track suit pants and jackets at bloomingdales.

    the only thing, i read online that dept stores were dropping the juicy clothing line from their fall offerings. i believe nordstrom (which did carry plus track suits) dropped the entire line from their fall clothes. but give bloomies a try. I know the boutiques don't carry the plus, which is odd to me.

  3. Thanks!!
    I checked the website and they did have a couple of hoodies :yahoo:
    I dont know why i havent checked bloomies yet. Ill go to the store and see if they have more :biggrin:
    Thanks again :]
  4. I am looking for items for myself and find that the XL just doesn't fit comfortably. I remember when they came out they were on Oprah stating that they had sizes for everyone and now everything I've come up with is limited to eBay and random online searches. I found several articles that mention that the Extra Juicy line is supposed to be sold at Nordstroms.com, but I went there and didn't even find items in the Juicy Couture line... It's very frustrating!
  5. "extra juicy" :lol: i haven't herd that before i love it
  6. Extra Juicy used to be what the section for these sizes were called on the Juicy website. You can still find plus sized tracksuits on eBay for decent prices, but so many of them look like they could be fakes. It's kind of hard to tell, unfortunately.