Whatever happened to dudeIloveyu??????

  1. Back in the old, olden days of dudeiloveyou (anyone remember? Is this all coming back to you-- the $14.95 download she had called "How to buy an Authentic Balenciaga Bag" ? or some such?) She had a forum connected to this handbook and these were SOME serious Balenciaga gals.Wondering whatever happened to dudeiloveyou? That sure was a cool handbook and one of the first tools to help people not get ripped off on eBay. Would love to find out -- maybe she is here???
  2. sure, i remember her! never got the handbook, but she also did authentications back in the day. she authenticated a bag for me.
    she had quite a few great bags. used to sell at high prices.
  3. I remember her, too!!!

    I never got her handbook either, but I remember that clearly!

    Didn't she also sell the Chloe handbook as well, if I remember correctly?
  4. Well she was pretty feisty but I think really knew her stuff (and you're right, she sold what she did at a premium!!). I once wrote her to ask something about Balenciaga, a while AFTER I had already paid the $14.95 for the downloaded handbook, and she wrote me back quite a nasty message about how that handbook had been out of print for such long time (all of a few months I think), how dare I try to take her copyrighted material, yada yada. Which I would never have done, it was more or less a question and a thank you for her LETTING me spend $14.95 on the Guide...Anyways, just wondered what might have become of her and the forum she ran??:woohoo:
  5. I remember her also. I just saw her selling something on eBay recently and was surprised because she hasn't sold much for a while. I bought a couple of bags from her. Her site was called Love Tart and I used to go to it all the time before I saw this forum. I always loved her pictures.
  6. gosh, she always had great stuff. I could never figure out how she always had the latest and greatest of everything. she must have been first on every wait list at every store.
  7. I never had any interaction with her. I do remember who she is though.
  8. She was great and I had only wonderful experiences with her but ...Does it not make you wonder why "she" took off? We have wonderful advice for free. Enough to educate us. Why Bother? I understand the service she provided but we have wonderful guidance from the ladies on the authenticate thread..:shrugs:
  9. I remember her too, I think she just moved onto other brands. If you search her as a seller on eBay she's got Chanel listings ;o)
  10. she tired of bbags a looong time ago
  11. I remember her....she authenticated my first B-bag a few years ago! And yes, her listings pop up on eBay from time to time.
  12. LOVE TART!! how quickly the swiss cheese mind forgets. Boy that was one I would have never thought of. THanks so much!
  13. She also had some killer Lanvin flats and boots....dreamy!