Whatever Bag?

  1. So, I have this really cute and funky purse that suits me just perfect! I've never loved a small purse like this so much before but it's been over a year since I got it and it is starting to show it's age. I accidently pulled off the zipper puller thing, the straps are dirty from use, and the purse lost its shape from so much use.

    I want to get another one but I had bought this purse in a department store called Gordmans while I was in Oklahoma. I checked their site to see if I could possibley order another bag but sadly they don't sell items online and I can't go back to Oklahoma seeing as I live on the east coast.

    But then it hit me! I could check out the brand of the bag and google it or see if they have it on eBay....but that idea didn't work out so well. The brand of the bag is "Whatever" with a little daisey right behind it and trying to search that on google just about gives me 'whatever bag is out there' and not the brand bag I am looking for.

    Please help me! I know this brand has lots of bags that are the same style with various prints to choose from! It doesn't have to be the same print, I just want one of the same size, style, and similar cutesy print.

    Here are some pics of my bag! :push:


  2. Try searching eBay like this: "whatever" handbag.

    You have to put it in quotations so the search engine knows it's a brand name and not just a word.

    I got 6 auction hits and 13 in eBay stores. They seemed to be different brands called that, though.

    Good luck.
  3. If you're open to other brands that are similar, how about Tokidoki bags (by Lesportsac)?
  4. Thank you for the tip. :tup: I actually did come up with more results from Ebay once I did this but not exactly the style bags I was looking for. But I'm bettng closer!

    Ohh Tokidoki is a good idea. They had awesome prints on their bags! Thanks. :wlae: