Whatchuthink? YAY or NAY

  1. I like the first one better.
  2. ^ Me too. :yes:
  3. ^^Me three!:wlae:
  4. :yes:so far, we all like the first one.
  5. First one as well!
  6. I like the first one better too, let us know what you decide!
  7. i actually like the first one as well. but saw the other one and thought it was cute too.

    i went to Nordies earlier and saw it on display. now i have to ask the SA to take it out next time i drop by.

    i think im pretty much set to get that one. :love:
  8. oh i have a follow up question.

    are michael kors's watches any good?
  9. I like the first one. It has a little sparkle :smile:
  10. I prefer the first one too. I don't know anything about MK watches though.
  11. Definitely the first one! :love:
  12. i like the first one. really not a fan of the second.