Whatcha waitin for?

  1. Just having one of those days, you know? Kinda......yucky. So, in order to get my mind off things, I thought I'd start a thread all about the stuff we're waiting for this coming week.....:p

    I'll start because.....well........I started this whole thing so..............

    For Shopmom it's a wallet (ostrich), a Shooting Star and two bangles. :nuts:

    And that's IT until April!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. And I'm NOT kidding, either!!!!!!
  3. ostrich wallet and shooting star?! Now, that's exciting!

    This week .... nothing for me. The stuff I ordered from my store do not have a definite arrival date ....
  4. Wow, how exciting. Nothing for me this week :sad: :crybaby:
  5. :nuts: ...love ostrich for wallets...what color?

    Nothing this week..as I am waiting for Vegas this weekend.
    Hopefully, something wonderful will be waiting for me...
  6. pegasus cadena for now
  7. waiting for my piggy bank to be fuller. :crybaby:
  8. money.
  9. Are you kidding me shopmom??? This week??? LOL!
  10. S'mom, did you start this thread to depress the rest of us, lol?
  11. 35 Togo Orange Birkin with GHW:tender:
  12. money/spring break/a clarisse or karo and/or belt
  13. Well a little something black (and no girls of the taking it slow group - this is the thing I sold somethin' to buy somethin' and was planned before so don't get excited thinking shoes lost lol!!!); and um another pr. of shoes (hey this was a rough teen week for me lol)...and I think that's it...unless I order the basket of stuff from Anthropologie!! But I'm trying not to...today anyway...OMG shopmom cannot wait to see the shooting star! I want one...

  14. Well HELL, I can't be depressed all by myself! And I forgot the dang scarf I just won because Muffin pressed the BIN button!!!!!!!

    ...can't leave that cat alone for a second................
  15. ^^^ Well, I am going to have to find something to buy this week! Hmmm, I am thinking a belt......

    Got to get my doggie to use his paw more efficiently!