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  1. I really like it....the one pic of it open reminds me of a Chloe. I think I would take off the dangling heart fob....

    Moni Moni Splendor bag. Comes in Caramel, Chocolate and Vanilla.


    Per Adasa.com:

    Featured in US Weekly, Nov. 2005

    Includes detachable shoulder strap! This is Moni Moni's best seller and very hard-to-get. Latest dyewash Italian leather. Super soft and Large. Made in Italy. 15.5"x11.5". Splendor/Caramel
    dc0d5327f3d51d5c96a943186f7b69c5.jpg 23_1.JPG 0e_1.JPG a6_1.JPG
  2. Ooooh, that looks so soft, and the color is nice :love:
  3. I like it; it looks very soft and buttery.

    What color is canilla I wonder?
  4. Cute bag. I love the color.
  5. It's very supple looking, pretty. Is it reasonably priced?
  6. Do you mean Vanilla? I would assume a shade of white.
  7. Ooh, I like it!

  8. LOL - of course, vanilla. :P

    See, I can't be logical when I see pretty handbags - this is how it must be for men at a nude beach.
  9. LOL, you read it before I edited it. It's supposed to be Vanilla. :P

    They have pics on Adasa.com. Free 2 day shipping and no taxxxx!

    When I did a google search for moni moni, monimonigirl.com came up. The description says they are Italian leather made in Italy...:love:
  10. Lmao!
  11. I love it!!! It looks so soft :love:
  12. I love it, saw something about that designer in the newest Lucky. The leather looks great!
  13. I just looked on the site. Its $395. Very reasonable.
  14. Very cute, especially the colour. I like the heart !
  15. did someone say vanilla? :P

    if it comes in vanilla it would be loooooooooovely i can imagine!!:love:
    and chocolate color..mmm well it has to depend on which shade of brown.. the darker the yummier!! :amuse: