Whatcha Think ???????

  1. So I got some free money to spend in a awesome bag - this one caught my eyes......what you GIRLS think????

  2. LOVE IT:yahoo:
    Congratulations on the money and be sure to post photos wearing!

  3. thx for he support!!!! ------ im pretty sure i will be posting pics as soon as i get it.....
  4. love that bag!
  5. :yahoo: can't wait to see the pics
  6. I love that bag too!
  7. Congrats, looking forward to your pics. =)
  8. I absolutely love it! It's a really great bag. This colour is fabulous.
  9. very nice.
  10. I LOVE that bag! :nuts: I've been eyeing this one myself since I first saw it! LOVE the color!:yes: I say go for it..It's gorgeous!
  11. oh, yes! Excellent choice.:jammin:
  12. I love it!
    What a great bag! Enjoy!
  13. Congrats! Perfect bag in the perfect color -- This style really is the perfect sized bag!
  14. I am so jealous I have this on my wish list and am waiting to be able to afford it before they all sell out.
  15. Did you get it Gris?