Whatcha think of this necklace?

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  1. What do you think of this Me&Ro Tiny Flower Trinket Necklace? I just bought it. It seems simple and cute, just caught my eye tonight! :amuse:
    Me&Ro Tiny Flower Trinket Necklace.jpg
  2. Very cute!! :smile: I like!
  3. i love how delicate it is......i love small, delicate jewelry, especially paired with a simple tank and jeans....so classic and cute :P
  4. Very unique and pretty.
  5. It's VERY Pretty...Me&Ro Make Some Beautiful Pieces!
  6. me likey!!! :biggrin: Simple and way adorable!!
  7. love it! Very nice!
  8. It's so cute. I love flower themed accesories!
  9. So adorable...love their jewelery even though its a bit pricey sometimes!
  10. It's incredibly cute but I agree with Andreax716, some of their can be expensive. But for such a treat... eh, why not ;)

    I'm sure it'll be really summery with a tanktop and jeans, though!! Enjoy!
  11. Simple and pretty!
  12. Cute :biggrin:
  13. Pretty! I love that understated spark of colour and the little flower...
  14. I tried to think of a different word, but cute definitely sums it up, best! :smile:
  15. Simple, sweet.
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