Whatcha think about Tucker blouses by Gaby Basora??

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  1. Any feedback ladies on this designer...do you think the blouses are worth the $$$ :confused1: Below are a few photos (well you have to follow the links..not sure why the photo did not appear) I found online, not necessarily the print I want, but I like the style very much :yes:

    The style looks very easy going & carefree...just want to get your feedback, especially if you own any of these gorgeous blouses. Also, do you happen to know any good places where I can score them on SALE :confused1:

    TIA :tup:



  2. Does anyone have any feedback on this...it would certainly mean a lot to me to get your thoughts :yes:

    TIA :tup:
  3. Only the first link is working for me and that just takes me to the home page so I'm not sure what you are asking about.
  4. I am not sure about the blouses....but it all looks beautiful to me!!
  5. Lots of bold prints. If you like prints go for it. Some prints don't look right on me.
  6. Thanks ladies :woohoo:Here's the link to Shopbop & Revolve to see more of these blouses:



    Any other feedback..please do share. Also, does anyone own any of these blouses :confused1:

    Sorry I am not sure how to post the photos directly into TPF from the store websites, it's not working for me :crybaby:
  7. I actually really love this brand, however, I think they are only worth it on sale, IMO. Also, to me they run pretty large. I ordered the smocked blouse the very first time I tried this brand and got the M/L size because I wear an 8/10 and I was swimming in it. The S/M was the way to go. I love the prints and the fabric. Hope this helps.
  8. I love them! They're gorgeous! Although I can't say I have the money for even one. ):
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    Awww...Thanks Shoebuyer & Azoobus!! :woohoo:I really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with me...you're the BEST!! Glad to hear from someone who has one of the blouses too!

    How's the wear & tear on these Shoebuyer :confused1: & which one did you get & on sale too, I am soooo jealous..got any photos :confused1:

    Here's one I have my eye on from Shopbop..any thoughts ladies :confused1:

    UPDATED link...should work now:

  10. ^ The link you posted doesn't work!

    Anyways, I don't own any of the blouses but I think they look great! Love the different prints they come in.
  11. Thanks a bunch for the quick heads up on the link :tup: I just updated it..so it works now. Please let me know what you think :confused1:

  12. They are quite pretty but I'm not keen on the shape, just a personal thing though.
  13. Love them, but I would get them on sale too!
  14. [How's the wear & tear on these Shoebuyer :confused1: & which one did you get & on sale too, I am soooo jealous..got any photos :confused1:

    Here's one I have my eye on from Shopbop..any thoughts ladies :confused1:

    UPDATED link...should work now:


    I don't have any photos of the one I have, but it is a purple floral and I got it on sale through Nordstrom. It is the same shape/style of the one you have your eye on. The fabric is great to me and it has worn very well. I am pleased with it. I am a blouse girl too, and I will buy this brand again.
  15. Awesome feedback ladies...Thank YOU very much!! Shoebuyer...I really appreciate your feedback too especially since you own one of the blouses..never knew Nordstroms carried this brand, I will have to keep both eyes out for that! :wtf: Any chance you found it in So. Cali at a Nordstroms..I've never seen the style in the link I posted, on Nordstroms.com or in any stores? Maybe I was not in the correct dept. or something at the Nordstroms store :shrugs:

    Well I pulled the trigger & purchased it from Shopbop...now the excitement begins waiting for it to arrive :sweatdrop: I'll be sure to post my own review once I get it & if it looks good on me, I will be happy to show a photo too :okay: