Whatcha looking for??????

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  1. I haven't started a thread in a very long time and I just felt like having a little fun today. We did this a while back and it was fun chatting and getting to know people. With that said....

    We are anxiously awaiting the new leather swatches, new shipments at Hermes, and warmer weather. While we are waiting I am just wondering...

    What are you hoping to score at Hermes?

    What is on your wish list?
  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing the all black Kelly & Birkin. :yes:

    [I have lots on my wishlist---too much to list!:shame:]
  3. I have so much on my wishlist but no $$$. :lol:

    I am dreaming of a Cabag or Garden Party for warmer weather. :sunshine: And so many scarves....
  4. Some Porcelain!
  5. an SLG in indigo barenia....I know....I know....It is like asking pigs to grow wings and fly...*sigh* :cry:....yet can't stop wishing and hoping and wishing and hoping I find it one day :girlsigh:
  6. I forgot to answer....I would love something in a perfect red!
  7. CDC Lizzie Ombre, Lindy 26 cm in Prune, Brides de Gala Dip Dye in Maron and Jersey Bolduc in Black, Jige Elan in Fauve Tadelakt.

    That's it! Happy with everything I have.
  8. A gavroche ring, still looking...
  9. Two Gavroche in the Chinese Zodiac Animal Series: Year of the Rat and Year of the Tiger
  10. A Regarde Paris carre. I'm going to find it if it kills me!
  11. Right now, I'm looking for the money to buy the bracelet my SA showed me about a week ago!
  12. The clic clack or bangle enamel bracelet Alphabet by Anne Faive (sp?)with the animals spelling Hermes with the silver rim in a PM size....
  13. A Kelly Double Tour bracelet in a pretty, non-neutral colour. Say, orange, green, or blue jean! :tender:
  14. Oh, the wish list is long, but it is not very realistic ;)

    A round scarf ring is realistic, was planning on the Regate until I saw the fabulous new Bolduc.

    A Kelly Double Tour in Etoupe and/or an Etreviere Barenia bracelet.

    The F/W10 scarfs are looking promising as well, so I'll always find something to want and lust after ;)
  15. What bracelet did SA show you?