Whatcha Gettin' for VDAY?

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  1. I know a bunch of you have already gotten your Valentine's Gifts but heck, let's see'm! We don't have a consolidated, V-Day only thread, it could be fun!

    I think that my boy got me a swingpack from the coach site - wee'llll seee!
  2. Great thread!

    I will be getting about 6 (or more ;)) items...but I don't want to say yet, I'll probably do some sort of reveal after V-day once it all arrives!! It's thrilling...
  3. I'll be giving..I don't want anything...Alot has changed since learning about my Friend's health....I'd rather spend the $ on her and do something nice for her...
  4. ^That's so sweet Dawn. I have no idea what, if anything, I'll be getting. But I did buy myself some goodies that will be here this week!
  5. Awww nothin much!! It will be fun to see what all of you get though!! :smile:
  6. Hmmmm,something violet,something pink.....and......
  7. I have no clue... I know he bought me something over the weekend, and I am dying to know what it is!
  8. I wont be getting any Coach for V-Day, but my Hubby is in Omaha on business and said he would stop somewhere and pick up a bunch of Meat. :biggrin:

    I told him I wanted some Omaha Steaks. Just not for V-Day. lol
  9. I got myself a hailey for v-day :smile:))
  10. I hope to get Flowers lol. Hubby has only got me flowers once..so it would make my day
  11. Most likely nothing... I ordered some things for myself and they didn't work out... me and my boyfriend don't exchange gifts....
  12. I don't know, I'm doing well on my ban...
  13. If I find my Gigi on St. Valentine's Day, I'll be getting that...wishful thinking!!! I can't wait to see what everyone else gets!
  14. I want the Kristi but I don't think he wants to wait to order it. He went and called some stores and found some candidates bags (for what he told me)
    I just want it to be 14 already!!! Whatever he gets me I'm gonna love it!
  15. I am hoping for the Floral Embroidered Audrey :tender: