Whatcha Feeling-epi Ivory Jasmin Or Alma?

  1. HI GUYS AND GALS, I've been reading about the jasmin-i am getting something in the new ivory color-was looking at the alma, but see the jasmin-so which is it?
    i want a white bag, already have a black speedy but am interested in that as well.(that's for another time) AS for size , shape ,which b/t alma or jasmin???
  2. i have the lilac Jasmin, so i'm biased towards that. the shape of the Alma irritates me somehow.
  3. I just got the Epi Ivoire Alma. I love it. It's such a classic shape and I like how it's wide at the bottom but then thinner at the top, I wear it in the crook of my arm and no trouble at all like that! Here's a pic:


  4. Sorry, that made me laugh.. giggle a real true giggle... thanks.:heart: :p
  5. Alma is good tho but just not my type of bag :yes: so I prefer Jasmin ;)
  6. tr444 you get everything!:smile:

  7. my my.... your alma is stunning!!!!!!
    i love it!!

    thanks for sharing!!!

    p/s: you should get the alma hun!:idea:
  8. Hmmm .... I would get the Jasmin. :yes:
  9. I would vote for Jasmin :smile:
  10. In epi I like jasmin more...
  11. I like the jasmin.
  12. I like the Jasmin, too.
  13. I would get Alma. It is such a classic bag.
  14. I like them both, esp. in this color... sorry, no help.
  15. I like the shape of the Alma over the Jasmin.