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  1. Are they serious about this??? It's plastic and linen! I'd like to meet the designer of this bag?? What inspired this idea????
  2. #3 Jan 26, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2010
    i think her name is Miuccia...?
  3. Oh no! Not ANOTHER designer making clear plastic handbags! Not to mention the ridiculous price of this one! :wtf:

    I thought Chanel was crazed to make a "Naked Classic" handbag, but last autumn, Karl Lagersfield topped that madness to reveal a Chanel 2.55 See-through Handbag Holder!
    A handbag for a handbag, if you can believe that. :nuts:

    Moi? I am NOT paying for, nor carrying a "naked" handbag!


    Handbag Holder photo from: http://www.louisvuittonsale.com/chanel-2-55-see-through-handbag-holder/

    Chanel "Naked" Handbag photo from: http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/handbags/chanel-naked-classic-handbag/7939/1/833415&posCol=0&posRow=0&page=1#

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  4. This bag and a couple of similar styles were actually featured in the top fashion magazines. They are modified slightly from the runway styles.

    Vogue, W, etc love this new look from Prada. You've got to hand it to Prada for reinterpreting the plain linen bag while almost everybody is still glamming up exotics, and plain o' leather.

    In terms of fashion value, this bag is a star! I'm not justifying the price which I don't agree with but I give props to Prada for having the guts to do this.

    The beauty of this purse lies in its simplicity and the way the plain material is juxtaposed just so with the right bling. Linen and crystals? It's a beautiful contrast that just works!

    It's low key yet glam at the same time.

    That's what fashion is for. To rewake our senses!!

    Now, I'm anticipating that this look will filter down to lower-end retailers.

    I, for one will NOT shell out $2k for this bag. But I bet that it would be highly discounted come sale season and that's when I'm going to get my greedy hands on one.

  5. i will wait for end of seasons sale...

  6. ^ ITA with you!!!..it is not for me but it IS a cool bag...haha if I won one I'd def use..but I wouldn't pay for it..!
  7. I actually really like the Prada one. Not prepapred to spend that kinda $$$ on it, so will wait for end of season sales too :biggrin:
  8. It's the detail on the bag that makes it so expensive, especially since it's going onto plexi which requires being even more careful and working by hand since it shows the mistakes worse than leather. Also you can usually count on runway anything costing more.
  9. YUP!

    I'm actually going to the boutiques to check these bags out. Plexi is hard to work with and I've been told that the plastic will not discolor over time.

    I also adore the crystal embellishments. I can't wait for the shoes to arrive. Both Miu Miu and Prada making platforms in Lucite with crystals.

    My DH calls them glammed up stripper shoes but I still like them.

    ;) But I must be good.
  10. Even if I had the dough and it was on sale, I don't think I will spending the money on a PVC bag... it is worse then carrying a shopping plastic bag!
  11. It's a great looking bag, but not for me. Don't want people seeing the contents of my bag. Please post linpaddy if you get one.
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    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    Thanks for the comments ladies. I'm totally like Joan Cusack in Working Girl... "It's not even leather!"