What YSL bag will you buy next? YSL-obsessed please enter...

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  1. Once I finally get my mini-chyc in a color I adore I think I'm going to go for a muse bowler and a muse dome, one in green and one in black (or magenta). Love the fun colors in the muse!
  2. Thinking about the cabas chyc medium or an easy medium.
  3. I'm in mad love with this bag and just got it in blue. For what it is worth, I think it is way more interesting and beautiful than the Celine, or the Prada Saffiano (which another thread considers vs. it). If you've kept yours, though, I wonder how you find the magnet Y closure? It seems like it is a weaker magnet than some, and I think it is designed to slide, which I'm not used to. Upon closer inspection, I can see this in lots of pictures of the bag--the Y clasp is touching the magnet, but it's not firmly in place. Do you know what I mean and if so, is it weird to you at all? Does the Y stay in contact with the magnet at all times, or does it separate?
  4. The magnet doesn't slide. It slots into the base like a snap closure, I would imagine it would be fiddly to open and close, as you have to guide the magnet to make it snap in place. Because the Y is quite thin, the magnet is very small. I guess most people don't bother closing it all the way which is why you're not seeing it firmly in place on the photos.
  5. Almost got another arty ring today but will hold off on that for now. I'm on ban island. Will likely get an arty ring and Y clutch (if there are any left) in 2013.
  6. BDJ in bronze color!!
    And also Muse in Magenta or Dark Grey!!
    As many as Muse bags I want to get *\(^o^)/*
  7. This is like, the hottest bag ever. I wouldn't even care if it didn't match with anything I own...I'd be like IGNORE MY OUTFIT AND SCOPE THE BAG.
  8. I just got a medium Cabas Chyc in the new Y Line design in fuchsia and absolutely love it! My next would probably be a BDJ clutch.
  9. I need an Easy Bag or a Sac Blowly before they disappear!

    A mini Cabas wouldn't hurt either =D
  10. another downtown or some amazing purple..what about purple downtown ?
  11. ooh, YSL has lovely purples, I know it will be amazing when you find the right one. Good luck!:smile:
  12. I know this will sound very old....I want a while patent downtown in medium....I know it is mission impossible.....
  13. A BDJ clutch ( red or blue)
  14. I am going to get another Muse before it disappears in the marketplace. I love to get a downtown, but guess it is impossible.
  15. I would love to get my hands on a cabas chyc mini in dragee!!!
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