What YSL bag will you buy next? YSL-obsessed please enter...

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  1. I am now seriously thinking to get a petite cabas Y in electric blue or red as my next bag purchase.
    In the beginning I was not sure about this new design of chyc cabas, because I love the old design with Y stitching panel on the bag. But after seeing petite cabas IRL, I love its new leather and lining. So the bag is now on my top wishlist.

    I am just not ready with the new price increase :sad:
  2. i want the cabas chyc medium with the old design!!
  3. I have been obsessing about a red bag and just recently started obsessing over the Red Mini Cabas Chyc. I just ordered one and will get it late next week. I think this will be exactly what I've been looking for. Super chic, small but can carry all the essentials...and RED! This will be my first YSL!
  4. Can't wait to see pics. Where did you order it from?
  5. I just got a Cabas mini - ordered online from Neiman Marcus! Got it today! I'm so excited!

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  6. Gorgeous! Congrats

    Yay, nice to see you in here. I can't wait to see it. I just got the same in a medium.

    NM has it, I just got one. The hardware has been updated but still the same old design!
  7. I ordered it from the Las Vegas YSL boutique. They just got a couple red mini's in yesterday. So glad I called them last night and asked. Ask for Lynn. She is the assistant manager. Super nice.

    She is beautiful!!! Can you pls post modshots? How do you feel about the size and the capacity of the mini? I've never seen that size IRL...only the medium. I hope she holds what I need. OMG! There is a shot of Rumer Willis with your bag. Looks so cute!

    Hey girlie! Bal fans are invading YSL! You got the newer version or the old one? I love the stitching and leather texture on the old one. So glad I snatched one up before they are gone. We both have RED too! Saw your post on my precipitation inquiry. The leather seems like it would be more porous than Bal's. Not as much glazing either. That is why I wonder. I may have to try the Apple brand products for added protection. Not sure yet. So excited though. My Antigona and this Cabas are so different from what we are used to with our Bals.
  8. Love! Any mod shots?
  9. Large red cabas chyc with the old design
  10. I want: more arty rings and a mini muse that i saw in reebonz.com
  11. I know!! I love structured bags too and cabas is so classy. I have been looking at the antigona as well, I love it in the green crocodile print, however I am officially on a ban! The leather does look more porous then the bals so hopefully someone will give their insight.

    I got the old style cabas but with the new hardware where the rings that hold the handles are square and the zipper pulls are different. I can't wait to see your reveal. I will post mine soon as soon as I get a chance. I much prefer the older style versus the new.
  12. Yes, hope someone will share some insight or we're stuck experimenting.

    Totally agree. Love the texture of the older style leather and the overall vibe of it. The new style's super smooth leather scares me to death and it is too polished/refined for me to use often. I need something that still has a bit of casualness to it.

    Looking forward to your reveal too. Pls post modshots!!!
  13. Thanks! Love your signature!!!! hahaha. super funny =)

    I will post mod shots when I use! Busy week (and TPF to look at! haha) so I've been using my YSL Easy bag this week! =)
  14. Hey Bal Pal!

    Would you say the medium is closer to a Bal City, PT, or Work? Is it alot heavier than a Bal? Pretty much anything is heavier than a Bal but I've never even lifted a CC before.
  15. Hey hun...definitely more comparable to the city. Length wise it is the same, height wise the CC is maybe an 1 inch taller making it more boxy. I took some comparison pics for you girl, hope it helps. As for weight it is pretty light, if not slightly lighter then my bal...but all my bals are G21.

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