What YSL bag will you buy next? YSL-obsessed please enter...

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  1. Okay, I am a self-confessed bag-obsessor (does that make sense?) and I love me some YSL.

    I spend too much time stalking YSL bags (and others of course) and hunting down my next purchase. Right now, I desperately want a YSL canvas bag and am counting my pennies to get it.

    So, I figure I'll ask what others plan to get.

    I'll start:

    Gimme the YSL Uptown Tote in blue or cream canvas. Waiting for this to be even less than it costs now ;)

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  2. I'm supposedly downsizing and have managed to make my collection whole. But.... there is always room for another.

    Honestly, I don't know. I have no hobos anymore so it's possible a Multy could show up. I might give the Roady another go.
  3. ^^ Nice. Talking of roadys, I just saw a picture (Cosmopolitan, June 2011) of Rachel Bilson wearing a large black roady and the leather looked divine. Had to control myself.

    May I ask what you have gotten rid of during your downsizing session?
  4. I have sold the following since I started downsizing in earnest:

    Tory Burch Jaden tote in turquoise
    Balenciaga Day in amethyst
    Dooney Sara tote in yellow
    LV Lockit horizontal
    YSL Marine patent Easy

    I'm down to seven (7) bags--two Downtowns (black and ivory patent), three easys (Beige crest, Black crest, red smooth), My Hermes 37cm Bolide and a soft grey no-name satchel.
  5. Got to agree that your collection definitely reflects quality. I am considering getting rid of bags I never use(d). Two pieces have sentimental value to me and the others just gather dust. I brought out a pink Cole Haan the other day and my daughter is in love with it, so I'm packing it up and will give it to her on her next bday. She'll be 8 =)

    I just don't know if I have the energy to get back to selling on ebay. Just don't want to deal with crazy, scammy buyers =)
  6. I am constantly changing but keeping my core bags I adore - Rive Gauches, Downtowns, some vintage Tom Ford various bags......I am always hunting for another sturdy downtown in some pretty colour...until it wows me I will not jump into buying...another one is a roady in red bubbly leather...I am always craving leather I already have and love but in another style..........so I am actually fighting against cravings...fighting...don't know for how long
  7. I admit that one good side of reducing my bags is that I won't be selling much on ebay. It seems to have gotten worse--I have some level of anxiety every time I sell something that the buyer will have an issue.
  8. Have you seen the one on the *Bay? It's caught my eye a number of times. What's stopping you Ms Vesna?
  9. restraint is hard, but I do have a red roady flap.....then I just bought Miu Miu flat shopping tote, money money where can I find it for yet another YSL beauty ?
  10. I also want a ivory non-patent capri as a hobo, but again, cost prevents me ... I love each one so much, but but but...maybe if I dare
  11. I think everyone knows what I want :shame:
    Oh beloved, long searched for Multicolor Muse Two I will find you... :girlsigh:
  12. Thinking (the cognitive level before obsessing) about the Multy or Downtown in patent.
  13. I think of you often when I see them pop up (although more frequently, only fakes). You will find it for sure. I have one in my siggy but I'll take a XXS, XS,S or M but I'll leave the large for you! I have an oldy but goody on the way. I found the downtown Vichy and can't wait to tote it around town:smile: I hope it is as lovely as I think it will be.
  14. ^Thanks hun :hugs: I hope you find one too! And congrats on your Vichy, I'm sure it'll be amazing, so don't forget to post pics ;)
  15. Looking forward to this little number for Fall:

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