What YSL are you wearing today?

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  1. I haven't seen a thread like this for YSL so let me make one. Here's my baby ready to go out!
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  2. I dont have a picture to upload of my bag, as I am too lazy to go upstairs to do so haha...But I have the SDJ Baby in white w/ embossed croc. I have been using it all summer and I am a bit sad that the cold weather arrived in my area so quickly so I will have to put it away until the warm weather is back next year. Here is a picture of the bag I pulled from google:
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  3. Today one of my fav one! IMG_9964.jpg
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  4. Wearing my favourite YSL Medium LouLou bag today
  5. Out with my Niki bag (medium size) today IMG_6292.jpg
  6. What color style and size is this? It looks fabulous on you!