What your RMs do while you're gone!!!

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  1. This is the cutest thread! Love it:smile:
  2. I think I have a lot in common with this particular Nikki! YUM!

  3. :popcorn::coolpics:
  4. You have an AMAZING collection! Thanks for the entertainment! I think Ms. Skinny is my favorite.
  5. Get that lovely off the potty, lol! As soon as I saw this I about had an anxiety attack that the poor bag was gonna fall in, lol!
  6. ^Me too!
  7. hahaha this thread seriously just made my day. Love it.
  8. Oh no she didn't!!!

  9. ^ LOL!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
  10. Thank you for making me smile this evening. I love your creativity and sense of humor. More pix please!
  11. Oh lordy. I am so easily influenced by tPF, and not just with bags... I have a HUGE craving for some Ben & Jerry's now! Half Baked all the wayyyy. :faint:
  12. This is definitely, by far, the best, most humourous thread I have ever seen! Keep them coming! :biggrin:
  13. Love Ben & Jerry's!!!!
  14. Would this not be CANNIBALISM in a way? :thinking:
  15. Tangy MAM hides in the corner having a little party all by herself!