What your RMs do while you're gone!!!

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  1. AWWWWWW! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I so love that pic! :roflmfao: How much would you have flipped out though had the kitten dove for Scarlett and not the feather? :roflmfao:

    Edit: so I just read the babies are leaving you tomorrow... :crybaby: That's sad! You need a kitten. Period.
  2. OMG....too adorable! I love how Scarlett is holding the toy!
  3. Aww, great pic MAGJES! I'm sorry your babies are leaving tomorrow. :cry:
  4. Awwww, Scarlet is such a softie.
  5. This thread is hilarious!!! I had to pause a while when I saw this. Cute pic, I love this self portrait!!!

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Miss Scarlet, you are such a tease. . . You're not keeping Susie and Harry??
  7. Finally got to the end of your thread. Your babies are cuties. I am sorry they are leaving you. :hugs:
  8. aww where are the kitties going??
  9. ^^^ Patrick is going to my DD's apt..which should be very interesting because she lives with my other DD (whose getting a dog on Friday!)

    Susie and Harry are going to live with my DD's boyfriend's sister and her SO . They have been looking two kittens forever. The requirements were...male and female from the same litter so these fit the bill.
  10. Oh no...Patrick may be sad to be seperated from his sibs.... and traumatized by the dog!
  11. hahhah i love this thread~! You guys are all so creative~~ keep them coming ;)
  12. A lot of my MAMs in this thread have found new homes but I have some new ones that I think are a little too playful when I'm not around :yes:...don't worry - I have spy cameras out and will catch them in the act! I'll share some of their antics soon :upsidedown:
  13. ^ YAY! More wonderful MAM action! Can't wait! :heart:
  14. can't wait for more pics! i love this thread!! :woohoo:
  15. I can't wait to see what these little buggers are up to lol (j/k j/k)