What your RMs do while you're gone!!!

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  1. This is completely adorable. Not only is it hilarious and well thought out but a great way to show off your lovely collection (I especially love the purple..concord?)
  2. LOVE this, esp. the skinny and nosey ones!

    p.s. You've got a beautiful collection of bags!
  3. OMIGAD, this thread is adorable! I'm cracking up so hard at my desk at work! :lol: I love all the pictures and props your beautiful RMs are holding! Especially the purple MA, holding the pencil with her tassels! :nuts: Where do you come up with these genuis ideas!?

    Hurry, we need more pics! :heart:

    ITA with quynh! We need to see one stepping out of the shower! Or better yet, one finishing her routine cleaning with some leather cleaner and rubbing herself dry with a towel! :nuts:
  4. Hey I just noticed that Blue Wave and I were both watching As the World Turns today! Hah! I wonder if she also has a TV crush on Craig...:graucho:

  5. OMGGG! This is AWESOMELY hilarious! Thanks for making this rainy day bright again! :love:
  6. Hahah I didnt even realize the finding friend and family pic was pics of purse on the laptop. I think i'm having too much fun with this thread.
  7. some imagination magjes!LOVES IT!
  8. I love all the bag pics! My fave is the purple one searching Bonanzle. :lol:
  9. This thread is adorable! Those last two are cracking me up! :roflmfao:
  10. It's a shame they're not mopping or ironing or something, that would be nice. RM might charge more for those kinda bags :P Also, wouldn't want them to damage their beautiful leather, I suppose.
  11. MAGJES, you always post the most wonderful things!! I love this thread.. my fave is the one searching for old F&F .. :crybaby::lol:
  12. OMG!! Love this thread!!
  13. These MAMs are arguing about the "better" hardware (signature vs. dogleash). Don't even get them started on blue/white vs. black/white lining! (They look like they have "mouths" & are yelling!)

  14. LOL this is my favorite one!
  15. MACs are SWINGERS!!!!

    Swinging with my dog's toy. (My dog is NOT happy!)