What your jewelry means to you


Sep 26, 2014
I was wondering if there would be interest in sharing what our different jewelry pieces mean to us :smile: : meaning of a particular symbol, special story/memory behind it, faith, transition in life,... :smile:. Pics included :smile:


Mar 24, 2009
- A mariner link bracelet that my best friend gave to me years ago.
- A YG cross with an emerald cut peridot in the centre. My brother gave it to me years ago. I don’t wear it, as I’m not religious, but I still love it, because of who gave it to me.
- A YG curb chain that was my first gold piece of jewellery. I bought for myself when I was in my late teens and finally able to afford gold!
- Various Pandora charms bought for me by people I love.

Sorry, no pics right now.


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Jul 6, 2020
Well, as a jewelry designer, I take jewelry as a piece of art, I take each piece of my design as my lovely baby. I believe to most of women jewelry means beauty, love and story, beautiful jewelry make women happy and attractive. I am giving my views mainly from aesthetic angle, however, yes if you bring in religeous perspectives, jewelry symbolizes Gods, human beings' faith and much more...
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Jan 14, 2016
I already loved them, but Preteen told me (in preschool), "Mommy, you're beautiful when you wear pearls." Because of that, I wear them every day and will forever.
They're especially meaningful now, because someone else I admire very much wears pearls as a signature piece.
Pearls are powerful.
Nov 12, 2009
Not all of my jewellery means anything to me, particularly when it's just costume jewellery I purchased for myself. I also have jewellery pieces I own that are my workhorses, but I think you want to hear stories.
  1. Mejuri Evil Eye Chain Ring in 14k YG, turquoise enamel: I'm often a little disappointed with Mejuri pieces and how lightweight the gold is, but they are my workhorse (Bold Hoops and Thin Croissant Dome Ring). The Evil Eye Ring is too delicate to be wearing everyday but it has a special place in my heart because it bears a distinct memory. Every time I wear this, I am taken back to the memory of the Gold Coast because I had such a lovely time there. I was on a 3 week placement. I still remember seeing this girl who was a stunning tanned and beachy blonde, wearing a silver evil eye necklace. She was the reason I hopped onto that evil eye jewellery trend. It was such an expensive purchase for me at the time, but it's my most compliment ring because it's so dainty but eye-catching with its turquoise enamel. It also contrasts so well against the YG. The turquoise also brings back memories of the crystal clear water. It was almost like a dream seeing how blue the water was and it was such a spiritual experience. It was also the first time I was travelling on my own and being apart from my family for that long. Sadly, they don't make it anymore, and a shop assistant complimented on this ring last week when I was trying the T1 Tiffany Ring to go with it (on the next finger).
  2. Navajo turquoise and silver ring: You can tell I love my blue stones. This ring has such beautiful silverwork and an interesting matrix in the turquoise, and I chose this ring to mark my undergrad graduation because I didn't want the typical T&Co silver that is often given for graduations. No particular senses or visual memory attached to it, but I can tell you a brief funny story about my graduation. We never had rehearsals for it, so I had no idea that after I received my diploma, I'd be forced to switch seats. In sheer panic because I failed to bring a small bag with me and I didn't wear anything with pockets, I found that my hood was the perfect spot to tuck in a mobile phone. It was the perfect pouch to free up both hands to receive my diploma. I was a kangaroo in reverse. This is perhaps the ring that stands out the most but it's the evil eye ring that's gained the most compliments, and I've only had one friend who wanted to take a closer look at this silver ring and wondered why I didn't get something more expensive for my graduation.
  3. Diamond cluster studs in 18k WG: Again, there is no sentimental memory attached to it but this was a gift for my 18th birthday from my aunt. I'm not sure if these were something she had purchased herself or received as a gift but it didn't suit her, but she passed them onto me. It's one of my workhorses and I still wear them to this day. It's not something that is complimented on, but they give me that little bit of sparkle to brighten up my face but not too flashy that people take notice.
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Mar 29, 2011
NYC~one of the boroughs
All of my everyday jewelry is meaningful:

Gold diamond cross from dh who gave it to me when we were dating, small cross pendant that was my dad’s. Medical symbol from my mom when I graduated nursing school.

Tiffany “Forever” necklace recent Christmas gift.

Diamond by the yard style necklace for our 20th wedding anniversary.

David Yurman bracelet for our 25th wedding anniversary.
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