What your designer bag says about you

  1. According to Winifred Gallagher, author of "It's in the Bag. What Purses Reveal -- and Conceal." Not sure I agree with all these but it's kind of fun to look at.


    What your designer bag says about you

    Marc Jacobs

    "I'm cool."


    "I'm a lady."


    "I'm a postmodern feminist."


    "I'm status-conscious."


    "I'm so cool and confident I can carry a no-name brand name bag."


    "I'm an American traditional."


    "I'm a fashion insider."


    "I'm Eurochic."

    Kate Spade

    "I'm preppy with a twist."

    Louis Vuitton

    "I'm young, status-conscious and trendy."

    Bottega Veneta

    "I'm cool and confident. I don't need a status bag."

    Hermes (Kelly or Birkin)

    "I've got the holy grail."

    (Winifred Gallagher,; Author of "It's in the Bag. What Purses Reveal -- and Conceal."
  2. That's great! But, what if you own/want to own several of those listed? Does that make you confused?:lol:
  3. That's what I was thinking!
  4. Maybe what that means is that on the day that you are carrying the bag, that's how you are perceived.
  5. most of the days i'm :

    "I'm a fashion insider."

  6. re: chanel - always thought that about the ones from the 50's and 60's - but now with all the different collections the line has some really great "trendy" pieces:amuse:
  7. lol my favorite is the hermes holy grail. :roflmfao:
  8. LOL - I can see where some of those come from.
  9. How fun! Wish I had the Holy Grail, though!
  10. I am so trendy

    but I do love my LV
  11. Hmm. Since when is Tod's a "no-name" brand? Odd. But the Holy Grail comment made me laugh.
  12. What she means is no logos, I think.
  13. I am a post-modern feminist -- lady -- who owns the holy grail. LOL
  14. Right now I'm:
    "An american traditional lady and a fashion-insider who's young, status-consicious and trendy with the Holy Grail!"
  15. What a great post!!