What you you pay for this Bayswater


Jan 2, 2010
Hi there Mum2,

I'm afraid I can't help you re what offer seems sensible because i am not knowledgeable re bays pricing in the secondhand market. However what I would say is what do you want to use the bag for?

If you want to use it a lot the perhaps a calf hair bag is not the best choice as it would be one more suitable to occasional and lighter use. Leather bays would make a better day to day bag say for work as it is more robust and will stay in good condition for far longer. If however you want a bays that is a bit more glam but still suitable for using regularly what about a patent bays? This looks more 'special' than the standard leather but is more usable than calf hair? I think that standard leather bays retail new for about £595-£695 and patent bays are about £695. Perhaps though you have lots of bags already and so the calf hair bays will suit you as you will only be getting it out for special occasions.

Hope this helps a bit and apologies if i am only telling you things you already know and have considered, lol xx


May 1, 2006
United Kingdom
I like the Hairy bags, but often wonder why they are more expensive than the regular leather!
A bag is worth what you are willing to pay really! sorry we cannot be more helpful, its just such a personal choice. You can say that if the bag really was 1295 that the price she is offering it for is fair, but the very fact she has invited offers, means there is more money off to be had. If you had the cash in your pocket and had to physically hand if over in a shop - what would you want to pay?? ;)


Sep 2, 2008
Northern Ireland
If you check the seller's other listings you'll find that all the Mulberry items are brand new. This would lead me to the conclusion that the seller purchases the items from outlets and sells on to make a profit.

The bag you have made an offer on was most likely reduced by at least 50%, possibly more, because it is an unusual colour/material. Just something to bear in mind. :smile:


Sep 7, 2007
they had some at the Outlet last week, can't remember if it was Bicester or Cheshire Oaks (as I visited both in one weekend)
If I remember correctly they were about £598


Feb 28, 2010
Hi rachiem

It must have been at Bicester, as Cheshire Oaks defo haven't got these in.

Mulberry floss - yes, I'm still after a Mulberry despite my LV purchase.......I like to create different looks! I think if I can find an authentic one on eBay that may be the route, otherwise I'll just have to wait until another pay day. Any recommendations?

Tote Girl

Nov 25, 2008
I am a known hater of hairy bags so read my comments with that in mind, but have you felt that bag in person?

I found with the metallic bits added into the hair gave the bag quite a course feel TBH.
Sep 21, 2007
they have this bag at bicester but i dont remember the price. i would call round the outlets and see if you can get one a bit cheaper.