What you won't wear with monogram canvas??

  1. Just realized I wear tons of black. I wanted a chocolate colored bag recently but in my quest I decided I wanted something timeless and classic. Never thought I'd buy LV but somehow fell in love with mono canvas. While awaiting for my batignolles vertical to arrive, I realized I wear so much black. Not head to toe but usually top or bottom is black for work. Do you ladies worry about what NOT to wear with the mono canvas?

  2. Most people say mono goes with everything, but personally I don't wear it with black.
  3. Nope. I don't at all.
    Also, I'll do a search for you because we've had topics about this before (wearing black with mono, etc.). :smile:
  4. I guess I wouldn't wear it with my bathing suit :nuts: ....maybe my wapity so I take that back!
  5. I mostly wear black, and sport my speedy 30 with it w/o worry.
  6. I think you can wear anything with the Monogram Canvas.

    If your gonna spend a lot of money on a bag then you should be able to carry it with any outfit. :yes:

    (that is just my opinion)
  7. yep I wear mine with anything except my bathing suit or my painting/cleaning the house clothes! Definitely with black.
  8. I think it even looks good w/ black b/c it's classic, BUT I wouldn't wear it w/ brown :push: Too much BROWN!! haha it would look funny
  9. mono canvas looks fabulous with black. Go for it girl..wear it, love it, and have fun!!
  10. I'm sorry, but I would have to disagree with most here. I think all black outfits do no look good with monogram in general. Perhaps small pieces could look fine, but usually it stands out too much and take the attention away from you. I once saw a person who had an abesses and was holding one of those big wallets while wearing a black outfit, he looked drowned. Mini Lin, black epi or Black damier geant would be so much better, even damier works a bit better IMO.
  11. mmm i wear lots of black, i dont have any mono but i will definatley be wearing black with my damier speedy x
  12. I don't like black and other certain colors with Monogram. That's part of the reason why I sold all my Mono pieces...
  13. ITA!:yes:
  14. I, too wear my mono with everything.