What you wear when nobody's looking

  1. Valentino once said that life is too short not to wear clothes that make you feel alive.

    Do you ladies look decent even when nobody is there to see you?

    Me, I totally do not. While I'm not sloppy, I certainly don't wear anything that makes me feel "alive," as Valentino recommended. You'll find me in a t-shirt and Juicy sweat-pants. Not so stylish.

    Do you lounge around in lingere (are there really women that do this?)? Old clothes? Or do you always wear something you wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in?
  2. Okay, how about this:
    I have a treadmill for my daily jogging as Tokyo is too crowded a city to go jogging on the street.
    When I jog I wear my sports bra and underpants :sneaky:

    When I'm not jogging, I replace the sports bra with a normal bra:shame:
  3. Too funny! I will lounge around in a tank top and boxers, either men's boxers or victoria's secret 'boxies.' Or perhaps an old t-shirt and a pair of leggings that are super old with too many holes in the inseam to make them decent to wear out of the house. :lol:
  4. I actually have a specific drawer in my closet for my "wear-at-home-only" clothes. there you find old sweatpants and t-shirts and hoodies that file under the category "ugly" or "too small/big" but very comfy. yes, I would not like to be seen in these outfits. when my brother with friends(or anyone else) stop by unannoced, I actually run and hide until I have changed, fixed my hair and make-up. It's silly I know, but I really do look like a slob when I'm in my house! I think that this makes me dress up even more when I get out of the house.
  5. lol. At home, I'm in my old tees and shorts.
  6. I'm always in my Victoria's Secret green Bermuda-style joggers and a tank top. My hair is usually in a big poofy bun. Make-up optional.
  7. I wear Ralph Lauren mens plaid pyjama bottoms & a plain tshirt. but my 'casual clothes for home are just jeans & a top. I did spend a firghtful amount of money on a pair of silk palazzo pants to lounge in at home but I just found I was too scared to get crap on them, or pull a thread so they were retired to my wardrobe years ago .
  8. I have a theory, that the more into clothes you are, the more likely you are to slob around in a Victoria's Secret nightshirt (me! :lol: ), when at home!

    I don't want to ruin my 'precious' things! :rolleyes:

  9. Ditto!!! I bought two beautiful black silk velvet robes, in which I envisaged myself wafting gracefully about the house! :lol:

    But with three dogs, I don't dare wear them!
  10. At home I'm in PJs..sometimes getting fastfood breakfast like that:shame: . If I have somewhere to be & something to do I do dress nicely (not PJs) LOL!
  11. t-shirt and shorts. lol!
  12. Yoga pants and a cotton lycra cami is what I wear around the house, I like to clean in comfortable clothes.......In the evening I do love comfortable lingerie but I only keep my good stuff and throw out anything that is old and messed up. I am loving my hanro sleevless nightgowns that to me look like you can actually wear them out of the house. (It's black and long and really comfortable).
    I feel like a slob is anything messy and stained so I threw out all my junk clothes, now I have to actually buy cheap things when I paint and wallpaper so I can paint and not mess up my good clothing...... Did a major cleaning out my closet these past few months and it feels great to get rid of things I just did not need or use or want.
  13. I usually throw on an old T-Shirt and a pair of shorts or ill fitting sweat pants. I have taken out the trash while in this outfit but I wouldnt even travel any further outside of my house. I tried to leave the house yesterday wearing a sports bra, tshirt, and jeans and I couldnt bring myself to do it. :shame: The funny thing is that I dont even really dress up either. Something about not wearing a proper bra and nice fitting top really bothers me when going outside of the house.
  14. I wear old sweats and any t-shirt I come across. My hair is usually uncombed too. In the winter, I also wear a robe since the hous is usually cold.
  15. I like to wear nothing! But sometimes I just wear VS sweat pants and a tshirt or tanktop.