What you think of this watch?Keep or return

  1. Hey ladies. So i bought this juicy couture watch yesterday ...I'm usually not a fan of juicy couture I feel like its for middle school and high school girls but I thought this was really nice and I just want second opinions. It has "pave crystals". Do you think its as nice as say, a michele or should I return it and go watch shopping somwhere else? Pics below, sorry they're not the clearest.

    Let me know!:yes:
    watch 1.jpg watch 2.jpg watch 3.jpg
  2. The look is very nice!!!

    Might be a bit too sparkly for everyday though....michele watches might be worth a look too.
  3. ooh i think it's sooo pretty!
  4. I think it looks wonderful on you and I would keep it. The sparkle is going to get you many compliments.
  5. Beautiful watch, thumbs up from me! :tup:
  6. Im not loving it!!! (Im sorry....) Im not being rude...I think its too blingy? That is just my opinion. I think its pretty but there is just something about it. Maybe just used occasionally it would be ok. If you did not keep it what would you get?
  7. Maybe it's just my computer, but the images are very blurry. Try using the flower icon on your camera so the pictures are sharper...I can't offer an opinion, if I can't see the watch:smile:
  8. I like it! I think you should keep it. It's very pretty.
  9. Its quite pretty but its a bit too much bling for me (but that's only my minimal taste.)
  10. I like it.
  11. I think it's a cute watch..a little too sparkly for my taste though.
  12. It looks nice but I don't like sparkle bling bling watch.
  13. You know I am not a fan of Juicy Couture Jewerly but your watch is really nice and looks very expensive.
  14. I'd go for the Michele.
  15. ok ladies, I decided to keep it and I'll add a michele to my collection too. Thanks for all your help! I'm sorry the pictures were'nt so clear, i took them with my phone but the watch is'nt as sparkly as it looks in the pictures... i guess the glare in pictures make it seem a bit exaggerated.