What you think of Leopard Print Handbags?

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  1. #1 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    What you think of Leopard Print Handbags? I seen a nice Michael Kors one at the Rack today
  2. I like them in general, but I guess it would depend on the specific style and everything as to whether or not I'd purchase one.
  3. I think they can be cute, depends on the style.
  4. It totally depends on the style.. I guess I just don't like it when leopard print tries to look serious. When it's fun (ie. Marc Jacobs) I kind of like it.
  5. I love (almost) anything leopard!
  6. I love the leopard print lining in my Dolce and Gabbana satchel, but I wouldn't want a whole leopard-print bag. Unless it was just some casual thing for the beach or whatever. Wouldn't be an everyday choice.
  7. I prefer leopard print interiors vs exteriors. I also like it in smaller accessories or scarves.
  8. Every closet should have something leopard, whether handbags or accessories. I agree that it depends on the style and the fabric. Leopard can either go really wrong or it can be amazing.
  9. Maybe a small low key clutch for evening..nothing garish.
    Have to pass on the look for day though...in any situation...
  10. Really depends on the print - it can be gorgeous, or pretty awful.

    The more realistic and less repetitive the pattern, the better it looks.
  11. Love them! Roger Vivier does a cool print.
  12. I don't really like leopard-print anything, BUT as far as it goes I'm warming to the Mulberry smudged putty leopard print (or 'smutty' print as I like to call it:P)
  13. Ditto! In moderation, of course.
  14. leopard.. as classic as classic gets.. forever...
  15. Leopard print in shoes, maybe. That is about it. Not into the pattern.