What you think ... Cotton Club Tote or GST ???

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  1. I have just started my first Chanel bags purchase last week. Have not even receive any of them yet ... and here I am practically dying to have a tote bag. I have just purchased a Melrose Gradient Flap from Saks with the biggest help from Aprilvalentine, a Washed Caviar Calfskin Tote bag from the Spring-Summer 08 and a medium classic caviar flap bag both from the Melbourne store. Whichever one reaches me first, would be my first Chanel bag. I am so anxious to meet them...

    I felt I needed a tote bag to make me feel complete... but I'm just not sure which one to choose...

    Could I seek all of your advice here pleaseeeeeeee ................... the Cotton Club Tote or GST? Currently only the black are available for both of them!

    Thank you so much for the help ... :P
  2. GST! I have both and find the GST to be more classic, plus it holds it's shape better (at least in the old caviar).

    I had my black/silver hardware GST out and about today and a woman told me it is the most beautiful Chanel bag she has ever seen.
  3. Another vote for GST!
  4. My vote goes for the GST.
  5. One more GST vote here!
  6. LOL, another vote for the GST!!
  7. I LOVE the Cotton Club :smile:
  8. GST gets my vote, i like the chanel classic line.
  9. Definitely GST.
  10. CC Tote!
  11. i am in the minority as i prefer the cotton club- but GST is nice bag
  12. I had the Cotton Club Tote in silver, but sold it. It looked so pretty, but I never really loved it. It was heavy, heavier than the GST in my opinion. I love my GST, much better than I liked the Cotton Club tote.
  13. Thank you everyone for sharing your views! Greatly appreciated! Its such a touch decision to make! I don wan to make an irrational decision of getting both. I do like the cotton club tote but I would definitely prefer it not in black. I guess I would go for the GST ... Or should I go cotton club tote and a PST ... hmmmmmm .....
  14. It depends on how much you usually carry on a day-to-day basis. If you tend to carry a lot, then I would vote for GST. If you load down the CC tote with several items, it may tend to make your shoulders sore if you wear it all day. hth!
  15. I have both and I love the cc tote, but only in silver . If it is black then a gst.