What you think about this abbey

  1. Do you like this abbey pink suede Gucci ?
    good deal on eBay ?
  2. ohh i have one kind of like it and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    i say you go for it...oh yeah just fyi these went on sale last year ;) for an AWESOME price! I got my dring for like 450 i think?
    Pics 061.jpg
  3. I love the bag! But... Is it me but does it seem a little cheap?
  4. the Abbey is cute i like the color
  5. love the color!
  6. I think it steal price to buy. Love it too
  7. you should definitely snag it.
  8. I don't think it looks quite right...I'm not an expert, but I say be careful
  9. It is really cute.

  10. It's Auth. I ask seller and they show me receipt. and date at Gucci.com.
  11. That doesn't necessarily mean that receipt went with the bag in the photo...I'm just saying I wouldn't do it..
  12. another one from eBay.


    I seen it at Gucci website last year too. maybe around 400 somethings on sales. from 695$
    but I bought another bag and boots.
  13. I love that the bag is suede and a classy rose pink. Its beautiful, I would definitly get it.
  14. The bidding has ended on this bag...if you want to be sure of authenticity you should post a thread in "Authenticate this Gucci"...Good Luck!