What You Love About Burberry

  1. I've decided that my next bag will be the Novacheck Demi Bag. It'll be my first Burberry bag, but I'm waiting to reward myself until after finals at the end of March. That's a long time! So until then, let's all say what we like most about Burberry.
  2. Its classic and can be worn with almost anything.....
  3. I agree with mona- it is a classic bag and matches everything!
  4. I have to agree w/ the ladies above me.
  5. The novacheck is definitely a classic.
  6. It's simple yet sophisticated, always stylish, and it is a timeless beauty :heart:
  7. I agree with all of you ladies. I have the Nova check tote and is one the bags I use the most because of its versatility and how roomy it is.
  8. I like how the company can use the plaid pattern subtly- trim, lining, fainter print, etc.
  9. It's very classy looking and can easily "dress up" a casual outfit.
  10. I personally don't love so much the novacheck, I prefer Burberry bags with small details of novacheck. And I love Burberry because it's so british!