**What You Last SAID Thread**

  1. This should be fun since we are all having different conversations, discussions, and/or arguements all around the world! Post the last thing you SAID before getting on tpf.

    I'll go first.....

    "yes, thats fine"
  2. See you tomorrow.
  3. Here we go
  4. Sucky, suck, suckington
  5. "war das nicht damals so?"


    Wasn't it that way before?
  6. Let me take that off
  7. Yes, she'll be here.
  8. F*** this. :shame:
  9. "Guess what we're having for dinner? Pizza!"
  10. Ok mijo, I'll see u here....
  11. haha! This will be a great thread!

    'remember to take out the trash'
  12. There is something dead out here. Do u smell that?
  13. Take out the trash.......please.
  14. "Margaret, get your a** out of my face!" (The cat--she was in front of the pc monitor!)
  15. ^^^lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets go pee in the potty