what you ladies think of handbags in yellow or light lime green color?

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  1. what you ladies think of handbags in yellow or light lime green color?

    just curious!! is it in? trendy? or its whatever color looks good works?
  2. I think it was in at least last year w/ LVs Stephen Sprouce Graffiti collection, some pics here and here and here :smile:
  3. I love bags that colour in the warmer months, but don't have one at the mo. I used to have a great anise-coloured bag years ago, bought in France. I gave it to my sister and now I'm kicking myself.
  4. I have two yellow bags, a Bottega Veneta and a Rebecca Minkoff. I think it's a fabulous and really wearable color for warm weather months. The only real downside is the same as for other light colors -- they show dirty easily. That being said, the Minkoff is pretty easy to clean (not as true for the more delicate BV), and I've traveled with it with no problem at all.
  5. I like yellow, but I am not sure of the green. I would have to see a pic.
  6. Most yellows don't do much for me, but I do like rich egg yolk yellow (or yellow-orange), fluorescent yellow and clotted cream.

    I do really like green, though - I tend to gravitate towards grass, leaf, teal (so, dark blue-green) and emerald greens more than I do lime greens, though.

    But, if they suit your colouring, why not? :biggrin:
  7. Bottega has a great yellow for summer, yolk, I think? I think yellows and greens, especially lime, are definitely a case-by-case thing.
  8. Just as purple and red are "in" colors for the fall, so is yellow in the spring and summer! Yellow is going to be piping hot this summer!
  9. i was thinking more like dull Snake Embossed yellow.. not just the standard plain yellow. what you guys think?
  10. I like lighter shades of lime green. I have a Balenciaga Work in "Granny" green that I like to mixed and match with a lot of colors.
  11. i really like lime/apple green.. he're's a pic of my BE hold me in apple matte with fuchsia lining (actually my entire hold me family..lol) I just love the color...

  12. To tell you the truth, I had a light yellow bag and wore it for just one season. I did the same thing with a bright lime green bag. So, at the time, I thought wearing brightly colored bags was a good thing for me, but I just got tired of them pretty quickly.
  13. depends what you wear it with. If you wear a lot of basic colours, like black, grey and navy, the yellow/green will pop from your outfit and it'll look really funky. If you feel confident in those colours it shouldn't matter though.
    Bear in mind, it'll show up any scuffs

    I personally wouldn't go for these colours as they're seasonal - I'm a 'safe' girl and would choose blacks and navys

    Let us know what you decide ;)
  14. Oh my gosh! Those are cute! I was going to say colors like that are not for me, but after seeing those...I have to rethink my thoughts! :smile:

  15. Don't know, I'd have to see it, I think? :smile: