What you guys think of these MJ shoes

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  1. Cute? Dumb?Wearable? [​IMG]
  2. I don't like it.
  3. pretty cuteee...but too kiddo-ish...
  4. I like them. I don't know how often I'd wear them though... Seems like they'd get really dirty.
  5. Yeah They are a bit kiddish I wanna get them but not sure LOL
  6. Does anyone know if Flats still IN?
  7. I see them all over the place in NYC with skinny jeans. Maybe that means they're out?
  8. They are silly and gimmicky...I don't like them at all.:huh:
  9. LOL in my opinion flats with jeans are a classic...flats in general (again, in my opinion) will never ever be out. As for the shoes. I think they are so unique, if you feel like youcan pull them off go for em..! I think it's fun to get attention on my accessories...and you would definately get attention with them!
  10. I've seen these shoes, and think that they are really kitschy since they are a take off of his signature "mouse" flats. If you think you can pull them off, go for it.
  11. I might feel :shame: wearing them heehee I just think they are cute lol
  12. My kitty might approve but ....neh lol
  13. HA! Too young for me, I think, but kinda cute.