what you guys think about gucci biba bag?

  1. i'm thinking to get a biba bag... in original canvas double G, with brown leather strap.. what do you guys think?
  2. I like it. But the bamboo handles really hurt my shoulder. If I use the long shoulder strap to wear like a messenger, it is way too big and too long for me. I am 5'4" though.:sad:
  3. Thanks! maybe i should think about it more.. lol... btw, I am also 5'4..:smile:
  4. Do you have any pics?
  5. ^ yeah, i'm curious too! :biggrin:
  6. this is the new biba bag. but im more interested in the classic double G, canvas, with brown leather strap!

    The canvas one is actually selling in gucci stores.. at least i think it looks very nice. what do you guys think about this bag? :smile:

  7. ^^That is a totally different bag than what someone else claimed was a Biba. It looked like a boston/doctor bag. I love hobos like the one above, but too many grommets for my taste. The leather and shape is gorge though.
  8. I snapped a picture of the bag months ago at the Saks in Bethesda, MD. I could kick myself for not getting it then.

  9. Really? Im sure its still around.
  10. yes it is still around. i bought it in september from bluefly. I love it! definitely my favorite bag
  11. I will try and get over to Saks and Neimans next week. Maybe I can catch it on sale.
  12. That is one nice bag!!
  13. I like it.

  14. I like this one in Blue. It was on sale at Saks.com.
  15. yeah this one definitely is not the biba.....biba is the boston with bamboo handle...
    i think this hobo is called "wave" ... :s