What you guys do when you see someone wearing a fake?

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  1. heya purselovers!

    I have a question concerning WANNABE rich women handling fake designer bags and acting nosy and snobbish........

    yesterday I was on my way to work and was wearing my louis vuitton abesses and that woman was looking at it in a snobbish fake and PLEÀYED WITH HER FAKE SPY BAG the other second a´la: yours is JUST a cheap lv mine is a croc fendi!
    I was SOOOOOOO mad........didnt even looked at her but inside was burning to say something stupid to her!
    but yes, I was a good boy and didnt´t say anything

    what do you guys do in situations like these?
  2. I don't say a word...live and let live.
  3. I usually see fakes running rampant in Chicago's Chinatown. When I'm hanging out with my mom, she enjoys loudly asking me, "Is that a fake?" and I say "Yup, look at that [plastic handle that's supposed to be leather]. It's all wrong."

    We get a good kick out of it. :smile:

    Usually I don't say anything. However, I put my fabulous bag in plain view of others. :smile:
  4. I love it when I see people with fakes, expecially LV. Thing is, I don't like the monogram and my bags are from other lines, i.e., Damier or Epi. The people with fake monogram are 99% of the time unaware of the other lines, so they flash their monogram at me because they don't know whatever I'm carrying is also designer, and more expensive than their line at that.
  5. I don't say anything. I think it would be rude to come up to a complete stranger and lecture them about what buying fakes supports. I don't laugh and point or smirk, because most of the time, the person carrying the fake doesn't know about what is behind the counterfeit industry.

    If the issue came up in a conversation with someone who buys fakes and didn't know any better, I'd tell them in a courteous manner. But I wouldn't stop someone on the street, grab their fake bag and light it on fire :P
  6. That's so FUNNY but that's so TRUE!!
  7. keep em guessing..right...I think that people who carry the real thing pay less attention to what other people are wearing/carrying.

    Also, if you have the real thing and follow a designer's history you are more apt to immediately notice an imposter.
  8. I hate it when people think my bag is a fake because almost every teenage girl carries around a fake lv or coach bag now a days.

    I don't have a problem with less expensive bags. Heck - some of them are really cute! I'd rather a non designer bag for $50 dollars than get a tacky knock off that is so obviously fake for the same price.
  9. hmm interesting answears!

    I am very young too and get wierd looks when I wear my lv´s or guccis out.......but as said: the real people know the real stuff


    and after all I wear my bags for myself and NOT other people

  10. I agree with Cristina. I would never make a comment outright. As much as I hate counterfeits, I'd like to think that some people don't know any better, or sincerely cannot afford a "real" designer bag. Of course, there are those who buy them defiantly, to say "up yours" to the designer industry too (I know a lot of people who do that). But in any case, I would never say something to someone...I'd rather just be quiet and silently acknowledge it to myself.
  11. i just sigh and nod my head tsk tsk, who are they fooling..if you cant afford it, then be creative, you dont have to own LV or anything to be polished and sophiscated, you can find one of a kind bags that are just as good, or who knows even better. i guess i feel sorry for them then, but i guess if thats what makes them happy..
  12. Nothing. It's not my business.
  13. true, true! i see so many people at my base school with fakes...it's disgusting. people at my school are more well-off and it's less frequent which is nice. fortunately i'm like known for abhorring fakes :biggrin:
  14. i see a couple of my girl friends who always turn their noses at uggs and hard tal, yet the next day you'll see them wearing snow boots like it worn in the same fashion or the same type of pants, rolled down and all. i rather buy a real key chain wallet LV then a knock off. its not the size that matters, but the quality.
  15. I used to work at an Abercrombie store and I saw SO MANY fakes carried by the teenage girls who came in there! One day I said to a coworker- "If I see another fake Dooney & Bourke today, I'm gonna puke!". So many fake hearts and IT bags- yick.

    On the other hand, the area I worked in has a large asian population so I saw alot of nice authentic LV stuff. One 18 year old girl I worked with had SEVERAL LV bags- even several cerises! And they were all real.

    I would never say anything to someone who carried a fake. I might secretly point it out to a friend, though :biggrin: