What you girls think about the LV Insolite Wallet PM Fleuri?

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  1. Sorry, I am a guy who made an ID just to post this question :P. My sister-in-law lost both her LV neverfull mm and her ludlow wallet with the gold stitching on it last night thanks to my brother who totally forgot to put her bag into their suv while she was taking care of their two young sons.

    Her birthday is coming up at the end of this month so I ordered a rose insolite fleuri wallet this morning from NY's Bloomingdales for her to ease her pain. I bought her that neverfull when she first gave birth to her first son as her diaper bag.
  2. Welcome! Sorry to hear about the loss. :sad: I don't own the Fleuri wallet but I like the look of it, very feminine. You're a very thoughtful BIL!
  3. I love that wallet, it's so pretty. What a nice gift and gesture! :smile:
  4. youre a very sweet BIL =) i think thats a very nice gesture!
  5. I think anything you choose would be treasured, what a sweet and thoughtful thing you are doing! :urock:
  6. I love it :smile:
  7. Lovely gesture .. it is a great wallet:smile:
  8. I love the Insolite Fleuri collection, the PM wallet would be a great gift, and you are such a thoughtful BIL.
  9. I love it, it's super cute/pretty :smile: