What you do with fashion magazines? Store them or throw away?

  1. I always purchase a huge amount of fashion magazines each month. I used to store almost all of them, but then I needed to change apartments and they were so damn heavy, so I just looked them through, cut all the interesting stuff, put it into file holders and threw the rest. But I was so sorry to do it!
    Now I live in a small apartment, so I try to do the same immediately after I've read a magazine: I cut all interseting looks, articles etc, arrange them in a file holder in some order, all the rest give to friends or throw away. Still, all the time I do not want to part with them, at the same time I have no place to store all Elles, Vogues, InStyles etc.
    What do you guys do?
  2. exactly the same as you :yes:

    I keep them around for maybe 2-3 months, but when I have piles everywhere (my appartment is rather small too) I start to cut out interesting stuff and throw away the rest

    I wish I had the space but I just don't at the moment (can't wait to move again :p)
  3. keep them
  4. I toss them after two months or so. If there's something specific I want to keep either a recipe (InStyle has great recipes) or a hair color or something I want to buy, I rip it out and keep it in a binder.
  5. I don't buy them -- I read them at the nail salon & if there is an article that I want, they don't mind if I cut it out & take it with me:yes:

  6. I only keep the few that I really really liked, the rest I cut out and glue in a "style/beauty/health/ideas/good shops" hard cover notebook.
    I like the fact that I kept 1-2 magazines from every year since I was 15 and have seen the styles and my interests changing....from the Levi´s 501 and how to kiss a boy, to the skinny jeans and what anti aging cream to buy....!
  7. That's a good idea too, to organize them according to topics, plus to keep a few from each year. It could be interesting to see what I liked in my 20's when I turn 50!
  8. so far, i stored them..
    i only bought like 2-3 mags a month... and i need them for references.
    i work as a stylist and producer, my bf's a photographer and video director.
    we love to have lots of references :p
  9. I take them to the Med Centre.
  10. I save a few pages, and then toss them.
  11. with fashion magazines we always donate them to a clinic. but with our architectural digest and interior designing magazines we keep them and store them. that's only because my sister is an architect.
  12. I Buy a few of the gossip ones but my girls almost all the time take over them in a few days, then they end up in their rooms or they take them to school, then after that I have no idea.
  13. recycle them
  14. I take all mine to doctors and dentist surgery so lots of others can get enjoyment :yes:
  15. I cut out the pages I want and then I leave the magazines in my apartment lobby. They are gone in minutes!