what you are waiting for

  1. it might not jump out at you from the title, why i am placing this in the hermes subforum. but as you read the brilliant elbaz's thoughts on couture, it might just make you love your hermes even more (if that's possible). and hopefully too, it will help with the waiting that comes with hermes, whether you're waiting for the supply to meet your demands or the $$ to fuel them. hermes bags are treasures. this is what you are waiting for:

  2. Thanks so much for sharing that---adds perpsective to our passion
  3. :flowers::flowers:hermesaholic
    i picked the wrong title for the thread because everyone will think it's about inventory, items ppl are waiting for, etc.
    i should have said "why" you are waiting.
    anyway, this interview (thank you so much for appreciating it) really made me love hermes even more and made me appreciate how special it is.

  4. well i think that so many of the people who are obsessed with Hermes (like so many people i know here in NYC) dont have any appreciation for brands like this--its just a status symbol. Articles like this one really show how serious quality of this level is at risk for disappearing for one, and two how its so much more than an expensive handbag in a fancy box or an expensive dress to wear to a party.
    i should add--that whats so cool about this group on the PF is that I truly think most of us love Hermes for the sum of its parts...........not just because we want a birkin.
  5. Lovely piece. There is truly nothing like a handmade piece of clothing that is tailored to ones body. It is a pity that here in America especially, speed is perceived as a need in the "want it RIGHT now" vein. The longer it takes to handmake something, usually the more exquisite the outcome.
  6. i saw the most fantastic documentary on chanel, and how the women in the atelier get ready for a couture show, making everything. just incredible. when you realize that it is, as i said, a treasure, it puts waiting a year in a different light. instant gratification is hurting a lot of quality industries/businesses, but the wait is, imo, worth it. of course getting what you want, the quality, the care, etc. right away is the best of all, lol.
    but hermes is a very very special thing.

  7. well said....i love chanel...........
  8. I agree. I have to say that the buildup of anticipation leading up to my first Hermes purchase completely sweetened the experience. I didn't live near a store and then of course had to wait for the special item to arrive. Had I just been able to walk in and find 10 on the shelf, I doubt it would have given me as much pleasure.
  9. ^^HiHeels - thank you for another GREAT Article, and also, to help me learn and appreciate the meaning of PATIENCE!:tup: and quality vs. quantitiy!!:yes:
  10. Just lovely!
  11. ^^^Agree! Wonderful piece, thank you.

  12. ABSOLUTELY! I need to be better about appreciating what I have............not obessing about the next one!
  13. HiHeels, I think I saw the same documentary. Those women were amazing. Taking KL's thoughts and sketches and turning them into something real and tactile. Plus their love of their job, Chanel and M Lagerfeld poured out of them, even when he went AWOL the day he was meant to hand in the sketches!

    AllaboutNice and I met recently and talked to 3 people at Hermes. They all had the same passion. One was a craftsman, the other sold only jewellery and had a huge amount of knowledge and passion and the other was the SA who helped me buy my bag. All of them clearly love Hermes, proved by the fact they had so many years of service between them.

    I suppose what I am trying to say it is so refreshing to meet people who work for a company and are SO proud of who they work for. Its so rare these days. Anyway. Back to topic!
  14. yes eliselady, that's the one. incredible. and when one woman makes this amazing dress and then it gets dropped out of the collection and she has to destroy it. i mean that says something. it was a privilege to get to see the work that went into it, especially when you realize it will never see the light of day. weirdly, that dress felt more special for its ephemeral existence.

    and it's an equal privilege to get to own hermes. whether it's a wallet or a bag. more so now (when the company itself is feeling such pressure from the marketplace/demand/etc., such resistance to the wait and the process, with short-attention-span customers who reject SO a year later - lucky for some of our members, lol, - or resell their bags right away in favor of something newer) than ever before i think. with companies like zara and h&m taking styles shown on runways and reproducing them and getting them in stores before shops have finished placing their orders for the originals, the work and quality and time that goes into every hermes item is a rare thing.
  15. i don't blame you. i don't. hermes stuff is so gorgeous, that while one ought to suffice, the reality is that they make so many that are equal in their beauty, it is nearly impossible for there to be a best.