What you all have been waiting for, my NEW heritage stripe XL satchel!... PICS!!

  1. Well I know there may be some of you that are hesitant about getting anything from the Heritage Collection, but really I guarantee that you will LOVE it! Just picked up my Heritage XL Satchel in Khaki/White that I had ordered last friday... maybe these pics will change some of your minds?? I may be getting a scarf to go w/it as well, but i'm going to wait until more of the spring scarves come out, which i got info from the SA and she said in about 3-4 weeks new stuff will be popping out on the sites... Well, here it is... hope everyone enjoys the pics! I LOVE it! can't wait to use it! :love::heart::drool:
  2. Well I have to prepare all of you since I know how much step by step pictures pisses everyone off! LOL

  3. [​IMG]
  4. LOL I am ready to see pics.. :woohoo:
  5. hey, if you're gonna tease up, make sure you put up some modeling pics! :p
  6. TA DA!!!! :love: Isn't it PURTTY??? :yes:

  7. take it off.. take it all off!!!! :graucho:
  8. :popcorn:
  9. wow I really really like it in the white... congrats!!!! :tup:
  10. Here are some more...
  11. wow the XL doesn't look that big...how did the smaller one fit? Didn't you say you tried it on in the store?
  12. [​IMG]
  13. is it more of a shoulder purse or is the drop not long enough for that
  14. Yep that one is a keeper!!! If I were not so afraid of white I think I would have me one of those!
  15. The smaller one is SMALL, its smaller than a chelsea believe it or not! I know, I can't believe they say this is a XL... the Large Heritage Tote is even bigger than this!