What You Actually Purchased with Your 25%

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  1. I got the Legacy Pocket Shoulder in Black and Whiskey and a pair of Sarah Sunglasses!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Very nice choices, kstyle. Do you have pics?
  3. friday after work i got the Ali in whiskey...i had them gift wrap it because technically, it is a a present. My husband got me a gift certificate for my birthday (back in october) and never used it...i was waiting for the PFE *hoping* i'd get a coupon (usually i do, but last PFE i didn't).

    payday is this friday so with a few extra bucks, i'm going to go back and use the coupon to get something else...probably a wallet or wristlet, a keyfob, and maybe a couple presents for some xtra special people.
  4. hippie in black and the mia satchel in black...
    but not digging either right now...
  5. Congrats.
  7. I got the Legacy wristlet in black leather and the Legacy stripe key pouch, which was ordered because they didn't have it in the store:


  8. Legacy Leather satchel (whiskey)
    Legacy stripe ponytail scarf
    Legacy stripe 1/2" enamel bangle
    Lorah wedge shoes (denim)
    Signature demi bag (brown) -- gift for my mom

    ALL of these are being shipped to me, except the bangle.
  9. don't get me wrong, i love the mia...
    but maybe all the black has me sad?
    i should've just gotten what i really wanted (legacy leather satchel).
  10. Go exchange it! After the coupon my satchel was $524...
  11. i want to...but i spent right at $600 for two bags...and i can't justify that much just for one bag, you know? even if it's what i want.
    and, besides, i already used the coupon. so i can't get that 25% off again...
  12. Sure you can! I'm sure they'll honor another 25% discount. My SA told me that they were letting their customers use the 25% throughout the sale dates. I'm sure if you just go in and say that you changed your mind about one bag and want to get a different one that they will give you the discount. It can't hurt to try! Especially if you aren't 100% happy with the bag you did get. I change my mind all the time and unless I make it right, I won't be happy.

    I forgot to mention, that on Friday after I left the store from buying some things, I was kicking myself for not buying the signature gallery tote as well. About an hour later, I went back into the store and got the gallery tote with the discount. I'm sure they'll help you out if you go back. :yes:
  13. kallison, if you took those two bags in and just exchanged it for the satchel you'll be fine.

    there's no way they can tell you used the 25% off if you don't have a reciept. and even then, if you wanted to exchange, the PCE event is until the 10th. i'm sure they'd understand.

    don't settle for bags you don't like.

    get one you love!
  14. kallison, i am kinda feeling the same way about my ali. i love the satchel. which color would you get. i like the whiskey more, but concerned about scratches and showing dirt. what is your opinion? i totally agree with everyone else. i would rather have one that i love than 2 that are just okay.
  15. I went yesterday....I love the bag, just don't want any color to transfer onto it. I took back a few things I never used to different stores (to justify the purchase) & after the 25% off & the returns..I only paid $115.00. Even though it's winter, I took her out today. Umm I took a few shots wearing it...LOL I swear with the naked eye my bathroom mirror doesn't look that dirty, I guess the flash showed it more. LOL I guess I should clean it now, huh!?! LOL

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