What years were the duck leather patch put on Dooneys?

  1. I was looking at Dooney's website. And I really don't see any of the patches with the duck on the leather. They have their name embossed...And a duck swing charm...So did they have different embossed leather duck designs over the years or stuck with "old faithful" the entire time...

    I did a search...And couldn't find the answer to that exact question...

    I am interested in a few vintage ones...And was curious how many here use Vintage Dooneys on a regular basis?
  2. D&B uses the duck logo as the symbol for their "All Weather Leather" line. I don't know the range of years the leather patch was used, but they switched to the metal charm in the last few years. I still see the older bags being used.
  3. I know they have been around since 1986, seen an auction for bags from that year on eBay. When I found my AWL wallet on a string two years ago that was still on the website selling for $195 or so.

    The wayback machine never works for me but here it is.
  4. So...Kathyy...I guess the "Duck" patch was still about 2 yrs. ago...Thanks! That is what I was wondering...
  5. No obsession here! In case wayback gets sticky, page shows an Essex and equestrian on sale for $160.
  6. Thanks Kathyy...I couldn't get the pages I opened to do anything...Not in the archive it would state... Thanks for looking in to it more for me...:okay: Your the best!:tup: