What year was the Kate Tassel bag introduced?

  1. I really love this bag and considering buying one. However, I'm concerned that it might be more of a trendy bag that won't stand the test of time. If it has the chops to be considered a new classic, and has a bit of history behind it (at least 5 years or so), I'll feel better about buying it. If not, I think I'll probably go with a Chanel WOC or small Boy instead. I want to be able to carry my bag indefinitely without feeling dated.

    For more veteran handbag collectors, what do you think about the Kate Tassel bag?
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  2. 2013! It is surely one of YSL's highest sellers and not going anywhere for the near future. I think it has a classic look. However its current ubiquitousness may make it seem dated in a few years. I think the Kate is more of an evening bag and the Boy/WOC are more day bags.

    The WOC is classic. The Boy bag debuted in 2011 and doesn't seem to be going anywhere either. I don't think it would lose appeal until Chanel stops producing it which doesn't seem likely from this point. The boy bag seems more classic and understated than the Kate but it's also twice the price.

    Maybe you should try them on with your everyday belongings inside and see if one of them is more practical/comfortable than the other?
  3. It’s been on my wishlist for the past 2-3 years. I think it has staying power. What stops me from getting it though is that a lot of people say that it’s not easy to use. I agree that you should try it on.

    I have Chanel woc, I find it practical. I don’t own a boy.